©1998-2003  Intro

Welcome to my island...

Aralane Island, to be specific. One of several in a virtual Archipelago, in a world rather different from our own. (Each of the other islands is similarly created and maintained by a friend of mine).

The Archipelago is a collaborative art project of sorts, a collaborative story-writing project, an exercise in world-building, and something fun to do. Plus, it has so far made me learn useful things about web-page development, computer programming, submarine geology, space elevators, four-dimensional cosmology, quotidian magic, nanotechnology, glue, and the dangers of NarkNaks, not to mention quite a number of interesting conversations with strangers about what I am doing with a camera, a friend, and a number of rather ...odd... objects or settings. I can only imagine that other interesting explorations will eventually follow.

My island is very unfinished right now -- I have big plans, but it's just starting out, so there's not much here yet. Some of the other islands in the Archipelago have existed for much longer.

Mostly, at the moment, my island just has a rather large chunk of landscape and scenery that you can explore, not to mention some scenic air travel. (Currently, there are over 500 pages.) There will eventually be many other areas of the island to explore, and some interactive stories that wind their way across the landscape in various ways. Still, you can explore around a bit as things are, and get some hint of what's to come. And you can explore the other islands, of course. If you can figure out how to get to them.

I invite you to spend some time exploring the island, but if you prefer, you could just go back to the main page.